Love Is All You Need

News at Lane & Holmes | 05/02/2019

We've reached February, the month of snow and romance.

Most of us are looking for something in February - a dozen roses under a hundred pounds, warm clothes, the ideal summer holiday and even a new relationship.

It's the time of year when we might look for a meaningful partner, one who will protect and sustain us, gaze adoringly at us and be there come what may. Some cynics will say that if you want all those things you should buy a puppy. But what do they know?

February is the time to take finding a partner seriously. They come in all types: the strong and the silent, the loud, glamorous or dashing, the cheeky, the refined, the understated, the ugly duckling or the beautiful swan. The great thing is, there's a partner for everyone.

So where do you go to find this romance - an estate agent of course! Meet one of these matchmakers, and he or she will delight in introducing you to your perfect home - a home partner.

It may not happen all at once. After all, finding the perfect home partner is a bit like finding the perfect person partner. Both are wonderful to have but tricky to find.

Will Brexit, the snow, the state of the pound or the winter blues stop love this February? Of course they won't. So don't let them get in your way when finding your perfect home.

It's hard to think of a better time, over the past ten years or so, for first time buyers. Also, for families, this is the right month to think about moving for children's schooling later in the year, and downsizers have plenty of superb urban and rural options. Mortgage rates are still low and many of our sellers are highly motivated. February is a great month to find a home that suits your soul. So jump into the market and fall in love with your next home - before someone else does.

Happy Valentine's Day.